WD-40 Bike - WD-40 Bike, Wet, Chain lubricant, 118ml

WD-40 has been a long trusted name in the lubricant market. WD-40 has been getting bolts lose and bearings lubed for decades. Back then, WD-40 was your friend and enemy rolled into one. This was due to the fact that WD-40 is super wet and in addition to l

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A superior wet lube for wet and muddy conditions. That’s exactly what WD-40 has delivered. WD-40 has had this formula professionally tested and is primed to improve shifting performance while extending chain life and repelling mud and gunk.

  • Wet Lube
  • Engineered for wet and muddy conditions
  • Perfect for wet and rainy seasons
  • Protects and repels moisture and gun
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