10mm spring loaded classic tip

V2 has a worldwide reputation for good roller ski ferrules. We use the toughest Du Pont plastic and premium carbide steel tip making them stronger and more durable than any other brand.

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When we decided to design shock absorbing ferrules we knew from experience that trying to spring load the carbide tip was not the answer. Springs can fatigue, so if carbide is dependent on the spring and the spring fails, the carbide fails as well. We speak to a lot of customers who tell us about problems they experienced with competitors spring-loaded ferrules. A very large number of skiers broke the competitors spring-loaded tips on their first outing. One V2 customer in particular relayed that he had a miserable day trying to ski eight miles back to his car on very hilly terrain with no poles after a competitor’s tips snapped. He swore that he would never use spring-loaded ferrules again. It was only after he realized the logic of our vibration absorbing design that he decided to use the V2 Spring Ferrules.  The main advantage of the V2 system is that if the spring mechanism should fail, the reliable carbide tip will remain functional.

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