Grey Owl - Grey Owl Stillwater SUP Paddle

Not just a paddle but a work of art- a beautiful wood blade and carbon shaft make this a light and responsive SUP paddle.

Quantity: 1

Grip: telescopic carbon ball grip (made in China)

Shaft: fiberglass, round, 1 7/32″ x 1 7/32″ (Made in China)

Blade: 7 ply laminated basswood and butternut

Blade Cross Section Style: flat power face, cambered back face

Tip Material & Style: casting epoxy, straight

Blade Finish: high gloss exterior polyurethane with UV block

Overall Length: 77″-87″

Shaft Length: 68″ Suitable for paddlers 5'8" - 6'4"

Blade Length: 19″

Blade Width: 8″

Blade Area (sq in): 100

Average Weight (oz): 29

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