EV Distro - The Original Smooth Bag

Relaxing and very comfortable, SmoothBag produces inflatable lounging furniture to take just about anywhere! It’s the perfect companion for the park, lounging in your backyard or around the house, and even sitting poolside. Take your SmoothBag with you ca

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The SmoothBag SofaTM is a very comfy, inflatable lounging sofa that sets up within seconds without needing a pump. It also easily packs back up in seconds so you can literally use it anywhere you go, anytime. This innovative design easily holds up to 450 lbs and has been a huge hit with the consumer market ever since its launch.

  • Inflates in seconds, no pump needed, easily broken down in seconds as well
  • Extremely lightweight, weighs less than a laptop
  • Very easy to carry around in its handy carry bag with carry straps
  • Can be used without any issues on Rocks, Water, Snow, Sand, Grass etc.
  • Produced with high-quality durable components and fabrics
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