MARKER - Marker Perspective+ Black Yellow Plasma

The PERSPECTIVE+ offers the same design and features besides the MAP padding. Supersized spherical DUAL BIONOMIC lenses with NMT coating and the SUPERFIT frame with V-SPLIT NOSE make for best comfort and vision.

Quantity: 1

The new strap integration and minimalist style gives the PESPECTIVE+ a relaxed look that belies its perfect fit and optimal ventilation. MARKER´s clarity mirror low light lens is included as a spare.

MarkAIR Vent System

All goggle frames are outfitted with the progressive MarkAIR VENT SYSTEM. Design and air flow are engineered simultaneously so that there is perfect lens ventilation and the unobstructed flow of air is guaranteed along the helmet and its MarkAIR CHANNEL SYSTEM. This keeps the inside of the lenses dry and fog-free. The breathable foam behind the inlets and outlets reliably resist the penetration of snow and moisture

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